613 Blonde Deep Wave Transparent Lace Wig (16”-32”)

613 Blonde Deep Wave Transparent Lace Wig (16”-32”)

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Transparent Lace

Available In Lengths 12”-22”

180% Density 

hair care
1.Using a wide tooth comb,gently comb hair from the end to the top

2. Wash hair with WARM water and moisturizing shampoo. (Stay away from shampoo that contains sulphate).

3. Condition hair with COLD water and moisturizing conditioner.

4. Rinse thoroughly.

5. Always air dry to ensure hair stays shiny and does not look brittle.

6. Before bed, always wrap with a silk bonnet.

with proper care can last 2-3 years 

Each Wig Order Comes With : Wig Caps , Double Sided Edge Brush , Lace Tape , Got2b gel.